Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S30, what will Samsung call it in 2021?

Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S30, what will Samsung call it in 2021?
Samsung confused the heck out of every average user looking for the latest Galaxy this spring season. What was once thought to be the Galaxy S11e as an S10e successor, is now the S20, the S10 heir turned out to actually be S20+, while the rumors for an S20 Ultra to replace the S10+ have materialized, too.

Going from a Galaxy S10 in 2019, directly to S20 the following year is an unprecedented move, and not only for Samsung. Apparently, the company considers its newlywed Galaxy S20 family a quantum leap that not only would start the decade (as in the year is 2020), but also signify a "new era" for Samsung, said its new mobile division exec. 

That, and the fact that next year we may have Galaxy S30 or even S21 in 2021, while the iPhone would still be at 13. We kid, but naming the series S20 is a handy denomination for the new decade going forward, and a clever marketing ploy, too. If only it wasn't so confusing, as this timelŠµss screenshot-turned-meme would suggest.

Next year, however, it won't be the start of a new decade (well, depending on the way one is counting), and we can't help but wonder if Samsung will be naming their Sprint 2021 flagships the Galaxy S30 or the Galaxy S21 series. What do you think?

Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S30, what will Samsung call its spring 2021 flagship?

Galaxy S21
Galaxy S30
Something else

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