US-bound Galaxy S10+ gets benchmarked with 6GB RAM, solid performance scores

US-bound Galaxy S10+ gets benchmarked with 6GB RAM, solid performance scores
Samsung’s next big thing has been repeatedly rendered based on credible inside information and even photographed in the wild (with many UI elements blurred out), but oddly enough, we’ve only seen a couple of pre-release Galaxy S10 family benchmarks making the rounds so far.

However, newly revealed Geekbench Browser data suggests the US-bound Galaxy S10+ variant is indeed almost ready for primetime, racking up solid single and multi-core performance scores of over 3400 and 10000 points respectively.

Those are substantially higher results than what the Galaxy S10 Lite, aka Galaxy S10 E, obtained recently, even though the two phones seem to share a Snapdragon 855 processor (“msmnile” motherboard) and 6GB RAM count.

The most logical explanation for the huge browsing speed gap is that this particular Samsung Galaxy S10+ prototype is far more advanced, running optimized Android 9.0 Pie software for an imminent commercial rollout.

Then again, while the SM-G975U manages to essentially match the purported single-core score of a pre-release Sony Xperia XZ4 version, the latter still reigns supreme in terms of (theoretical) multi-core power, with an edge of around 2500 points.

That may have something to do with the XZ4 packing 8 full gigs of memory, although two different Galaxy S10+ variants (with 6 and 8GB RAM) are obviously not to be ruled out.

By the way, the SM-G975U model number is expected to designate the unlocked US-specific Galaxy S10 Plus, following in the footsteps of a Galaxy S9+ that carries the SM-G965U model number stateside.

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