We may finally know (approximately) when the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be re-released

We may finally know (approximately) when the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be re-released
You may not remember this, but we warned you buying a foldable mobile device in 2019 would be an expensive mistake mere days after the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X were unveiled to great fanfare. Fortunately (or unfortunately?), it's starting to look like that's not a mistake you will even be able to make anytime soon.

While Huawei obviously has bigger things to worry about, as the future of the Chinese tech giant's entire smartphone business might be in jeopardy, Samsung is still struggling to "stabilize" the Galaxy Fold after failing to properly release the product back in April. Following the embarrassment of seeing several review units catastrophically damaged with only a couple of days of routine usage, the world's largest mobile device vendor made the logical decision of indefinitely putting off a re-release.

A series of mixed signals then came from the Korea-based camp, as Samsung initially expected to quickly solve all of the Galaxy Fold's issues, which obviously did not happen. But although it seemed unlikely not long ago that sales would be restarted by the end of the month, a fresh Korean media report further adds fuel to the confusion fire... in a good way.

Apparently, CEO Koh Dong-Jin still thinks there's a decent chance the Galaxy Fold will see daylight in the near future in a more polished form. The current plan might be to hold another press conference "soon", where a new launch date would be announced and all the effort put into refining the groundbreaking foldable design detailed. Said event is likely to take place in the company's homeland over the next couple of weeks, followed by commercial availability at the end of June or beginning of July in Korea and possibly the US as well.

The schedule, however, is naturally not etched in stone yet, while at the same time translating the latest Korean news report makes it difficult to understand all the details. But the Galaxy Fold is by no means canceled, as some people rushed to speculate in recent weeks, and Samsung's "stabilization" work, which includes strengthening the foldable display, the plastic protective layer applied on top of it, and narrowing the gaps between said layer and the screen bezels, is most likely progressing at a solid pace.
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