Samsung Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34: What’s in the box?

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G and Galaxy A34 5G: What’s in the box?
The Galaxy S23 Ultra may be an incredible smartphone, but you need to give an arm and a leg in order to hold one in your hand. This is why you should probably shortlist one of Samsung's latest mid-rangers, the Galaxy A54 or Galaxy A34, if you want to get a nice Galaxy phone without breaking the bank. After all, both handsets have decent performance, take good photos, and have nice battery life.

But regardless of which of the two phones you are gunning for, you're probably wondering what other goodies you will find in the retail box of your new shiny Galaxy phone. Well, this article was exactly made to satisfy your curiosity and tell you what's packed inside the boxes of the Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34.

What's in the Galaxy A54 and the Galaxy A34 boxes?

  • The Galaxy A54 /Galaxy A34 
  • A USB-C cable
  • A SIM Tray ejector
  • Paperwork

It's important to note that you'll get the exact same things in the box no matter which phone you choose. The contents of the boxes are the same; only the phones themselves are different.

As you can see, with your new Galaxy A54 or Galaxy A34, you will receive pretty much all the standard stuff, like a USB-C charging cable and a SIM tray ejector.

What's Not in the Galaxy A54 and the Galaxy A34 boxes?

  • Power adapter
  • Headphones
  • Case

Surprise, surprise, there is no charging brick or headphones in the box of your new Galaxy A54 /Galaxy A34. As you most likely know, manufacturers don't ship chargers or headphones with their phones anymore.

So, yeah, there you have it. All the things you will receive and the most important things that, sadly, you won't get with either the Galaxy A54 or the Galaxy A34.

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