Samsung Exynos benchmark of the S22 Ultra sits oddly against a Snapdragon S22+

Samsung Exynos benchmark of the S22 Ultra sits oddly against a Snapdragon S22+
The latter days of Samsung's Exynos processor line was marred by thermal and performance issues compared to its Qualcomm Snapdragon alternatives, chiefly on account of the stock ARM-Mali graphics Samsung used in the package.

All of that may be about to change with the next, Exynos 2200 iteration, which would reportedly be the first to bear the fruits of the Samsung-AMD labor under the form of an mRDNA graphics processor that is as frugal as it is powerful compared to its heretofore Mali counterparts in Exynos chipsets.

The alleged Exynos 2200 just got benchmarked again, reportedly running on a Galaxy S22 Ultra prototype, according to MySmartPrice, and the score is a tad shabby compared to Snapdragon 898 that will also be in the S22 Ultra models. Hopefully, the reason behind the poor single scores is that this would be a non-retail version, previewing what may be to come with Samsung's new chipset.

Given that there will likely be further refinements to both the engineering prototype and the chipset software management, we can reasonably expect a faster S22 performance compared to the S21 in their Exynos versions.

When it comes to the Exynos 2200 vs Snapdragon 898 (or 8 Gen1, as Qualcomm might call it), though, the new Samsung chipset produced a weird result, at least on the sole S22 Ultra score that is currently present in the Geekbench database.

While it scores comparably in the multicore test, the single core one is very low. It's the first appearance of the Exynos S22 Ultra on Geekbench, though, so we wouldn't be making too much fuss about it just yet. When the SM-S906U (Galaxy S22+ with Snapdragon 898) benchmark scores first appeared, they were much lower than the second pass, too, after all. Another oddity is that the SM-S908B, the alleged Galaxy S22 Ultra model number, is listed with just 8GB RAM, whereas its predecessor had only 12GB/16GB RAM models. 

We doubt that Samsung will be regressing in that regard, given that it just announced blazing fast LPDDR5X mobile memory that can be stacked in up to 64GB RAM packages, so we'll wait for more benchmarks to trickle down for that particular model number before we make any conclusions about the eventual performance difference in the two Galaxy S22 Ultra chipsets. 

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