Prepare for a new Galaxy S24 look: Samsung poaches Chief of Design from Mercedes-Benz!

Prepare for a new Galaxy S24 look: Samsung poaches Chief of Design from Mercedes-Benz!
We are well aware nowadays that premium smartphones are not just about hardware power — they are viewed as lifestyle accessories. Of course, if we drop $1,000 on a phone, we would appreciate if it looks like a luxurious item, and manufacturers are well aware. Samsung, Google, Apple, and anyone who dares compete with them is constantly working on producing phones that look like modern tech jewellery.

And Samsung is taking another step in the commitment to making premium designs by now poaching Hubert H. Lee — previous Chief Design Officer of Mercedes-Benz China.

Mercedes is, of course, a brand name known for luxury cars over the last few decades and Mr. Lee himself has spent 20 years designing for the company.

This isn't coming out of the blue, however. In early 2022, Samsung launched a limited edition Mercedes-themed Galaxy S22 Ultra, which was seemingly exclusive to South Korea, as we haven't seen the model pop up anywhere in the western hemisphere. It is very possible that this is where Samsung and Hubert H. Lee began talks that ultimately led to this new partnership.

Mr. Lee will be taking the position of Executive Vice President and Head of MX (Mobile eXperience) at Samsung. It is safe to assume that the upcoming Galaxy S23 will not have been designed under the new head's supervision, as we are so close to its release date already and all details are probably already set in stone.

However, we may get a major redesign for the Galaxy S24 series in the year following. And, who knows, maybe some changes to the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5?

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Of course, Huber H. Lee made a statement about how excited he is to be with Samsung:

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