We could see a 432MP camera on a Galaxy S Ultra handset in the near future

We could see a 432MP camera on a Galaxy S Ultra handset in the near future
Back in July 2022, we told you that Samsung had filed for a trademark for "Hexa²Pixel." This would suggest that a camera sensor using "Hexa²Pixel" technology would offer 36:1 pixel binning. Hexa equals six and the six squared is 36. Pixel binning is when the data from adjacent pixels is combined into one pixel which results in better photos with less noise. 

Because Samsung's post-binning images at the time it filed for the trademark ranged from 12MP to 12.5MP using the 108MP sensor on the Galaxy S22 Ultra as an example, multiplying both by 36 gave us a range of 432MP to 450MP. So it was our belief that Samsung was working on a camera sensor that would support a range of 432MP to 450MP.

According to X tipster Revegnus, Samsung is developing a new ISOCELL HW camera sensor series. The first two HW sensors would be nearly 1-inch sensors with the HW1 offering a resolution of 432MP with a sensor size of 1/1.05" and a pixel size of 0.56 micrometer. The HW2 will also carry a 432MP resolution and close to a 1-inch size at 1/1.07" and a pixel size of .5 micrometer.

The tipster also said that the Galaxy Fold 6 will continue to use the 50MP GN3 image sensor used on the Galaxy Z Fold 5. The Galaxy Fold 7, says Revegnus, will use a 200MP ISOCELL HP5 with a sensor size of 1/1.3-inch and a pixel size of .5 micrometer. Back in August, the same tipster said that new Samsung ISOCELL image sensors being mass-produced in the second half of 2024 include the 200MP HP7 with 0.6μm pixels, a 50MP GN6 and a 440MP HU1.

It's interesting how using simple math and the trademark filing perfectly predicted a 432MP resolution image sensor. What we don't know is when Samsung will start advertising a 432MP camera for the Galaxy S2x Ultra. The Galaxy S24 Ultra would seem to be out of the running so the earliest we might see such a camera on a Samsung smartphone would be 2025's Galaxy S25 Ultra. More likely though, the Galaxy S26 Ultra or the Galaxy S27 Ultra would be the first Samsung Galaxy phone to rock a 432MP camera sensor.

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