Rumored Android 13 feature may allow you to choose a different language for every app

Rumored Android 13 feature may allow you to choose a different language for every app
A new rumor has emerged that Google is working on a new language feature that may be released with Android 13. According to a trusted source of Android Police, the code-named "Panlingual" feature will enable Android 13 users to choose a different language for each of their installed applications.

According to an example from Android Police on how Panlingual may work, a user who uses English as their Android system language may use the feature to set their social media apps to use Spanish without changing any system or other app settings. Or, if the user's work requires the use of a foreign language, they can set their work apps to that language while keeping their other apps in their native language.

Although the new Panlingual function is still in its early development stages and may be subject to change, there is information on where users will be able to find it once Google releases it. According to the rumor, Panlingual will appear on the "App info" screen or will be found in a new "App languages" setting located in the "Language & input" page in Settings. By adding Panlingual as a separate setting, Google will allow users to change app languages from a single location, saving them time from having to change the language of each app separately.

For Panlingual to work, the applications themselves must support other languages. If an application supports only one language, Panlingual won't be of much use. However, with Android 12, Google added support for inline translation, so in the future it may be possible for Android to translate apps on its own without the app developers adding other languages themselves.

Currently, Android apps use the system settings to set their language. If an app supports more than one language, choosing a language requires searching for the right option in multiple menus within the app itself. There is no one easy way to change languages at this point. Let's hope that with Panlingual, Google will really fix this inconvenience for its Android users.

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