Vote now: What's the most important thing when buying a smartwatch?

Vote now: What’s the most important thing when buying a smartwatch?
We’re fast approaching the end of 2022, and we can safely say that smartwatches have now become mainstream. I don’t know about you but I see more people wearing smartwatches now than regular, “dumb” watches.

And even though smartwatches are really popular now, they vary widely (and wildly) when it comes to features. There are fitness-oriented smartwatches, luxury smartwatches, fashionable swiss-made models, and medical-grade health-tracking devices.

You can leave your phone behind and go out with an LTE-capable smartwatch, or choose longevity and opt for a hybrid with weeks of battery life. That’s the beauty of it - there are options for everybody.

That’s why today we’re asking you the following question: What’s the most important thing for you when choosing a smartwatch? Is it the design? Or maybe its health and fitness capabilities?

Some people want the smartest watch ever, putting battery life at the back seat, while others can’t be bothered to charge their smartwatch every single day. Which one is it for you? According to one of our polls, about 80% of the voters possess a smartwatch or a fitness band of some kind. What was the main thing that made you buy it?

Vote in our poll and share your smartwatch stories in the comments below.

What's the most important thing when buying a smartwatch?

Smart features
Health/Fitness capabilities
Battery life
Other (leave a comment)

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