Vote now: Does your partner know your phone password/PIN code?

Vote now: Does your partner know your phone password/PIN code?
Trust. It's everything nowadays, when relationships last no longer than a Netflix episode. We're being overly dramatic here, but many modern (and not so modern) philosophers and anthropologists have said that our morals lag way behind our technological progress.

Maybe we don't need to open that can of worms. We might just carefully unscrew the cap and peek inside. Have you seen those couples who share a Facebook account and merge their names? We all have friends like these, and it's a personal choice, of course, but it got us thinking.

Do people share their phone passwords or PINs with their loved ones? Is it a matter of trust or vice versa? On one hand, decent and honest people shouldn't have anything to hide, but on the other, everyone needs personal space and privacy.

So, it's a controversial topic, alright? There are arguments for both sides: you may need your partner's PIN to act in an emergency or just for convenience. But then again, you might see something that will hurt your feelings. And we're not talking about cheating here; sometimes little things that don't matter could trigger people, even if they weren't meant to hurt or offend anyone.

What's your take on this? Does your partner know your phone password, or do you value each other's privacy and don't share virtual spaces and gadgets? Vote in our poll and share your crazy experiences in the comment section below.

Does your partner know your phone password/PIN code?

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