Pixel 8 Pro render could hint at a super premium third Pixel 8 model

Pixel 8 Pro render could hint at a super premium third Pixel 8 model
A render disseminated today allegedly showing the upcoming Pixel 8 Pro leaves more questions than answers and makes this writer wonder if Google plans on releasing a super high premium Pixel 8 Ultra model. There are some interesting decisions allegedly made by Google for the Pixel 8 Pro, if the render released today is legit, that need to be addressed. The elephant in the room is the display.

According to Smartprix, which released the render along with OnLeaks, the Pixel 8 Pro will sport a 6.52-inch display. That compares to the 6.7-inch screen on the Pixel 7 Pro and there are surely many Pixel fans out there (this writer included) who are happy with the 6.7-inch screen size. Yes, there are those who would have preferred that Google used a smaller screen for the Pixel 7 Pro, but there is a large contingent of Pixel users who want the 6.7-inch display or even larger. That is where a Pixel 8 Ultra might fit in.

The Pixel 8 Pro also doesn't have a curved screen. Again, this is a feature that many Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro users simply hate. But this is something that could end up on a Pixel 8 Ultra for those who don't mind paying more for the features they want. For example, it would seem that the Pixel 8 Pro would once again rely on the Tensor-driven version of Face Unlock which is not secure enough for Google to allow Pixel 7 series users to employ it to verify Google Pay transactions or sign into apps.

But Google has built a secure facial recognition system before; it did so on the Pixel 4 line using the same components as Apple to create 3D facial mapping. Perhaps a Pixel 8 Ultra will feature a 3D mapping system and allow users to once again count on Face Unlock for secure facial recognition.

And speaking of biometrics, it is clear that using an optical fingerprint sensor isn't fast enough for Pixel users. We've already seen one rumor that called for Google to switch to an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner for the Pixel 8 line. But this might be something found in a Pixel 8 Ultra model. And such a phone should also include a larger battery than the 5000mAh capacity component used on the last two Pixel Pro models. More importantly, it should offer much faster charging speeds.

Now things like the secure Face Unlock, the larger battery capacity, and faster charging are things I'd like to see on a Pixel 8 Ultra. But the smaller, flat displays seen on the Pixel 8 Pro renders really do have me thinking that we could see a Pixel 8 Ultra this year. Actually, it might not be called the Pixel 8 Ultra; the Pixel 8 Extreme sounds pretty good to me.

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