Pixel 7a camera: here's everything new about it

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Pixel 7a camera
We are not that far from the expected announcement of the next budget "a" series from Google, the Pixel 8a, so let's refresh our knowledge on the Pixel 7a and its camera prowess. This way we will know where we are coming from and what Google stands to upgrade in 2024.

The Pixel 7a finally introduced some new hardware to its camera system, something that we had been waiting for years to happen, and that includes every image sensor, making the 7a one of the best mid-range phones for last year, and even to this day. Here are the details.

It was a long time coming, but Google finally upgraded the camera system of its budget "a" series with this year's Pixel 7a! And it is not only the main camera we are talking about here. Every image sensor has been swapped for a brand new one, making the Pixel 7a arguably one of the on the market, just like its predecessor.

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You can also check out our full Pixel 7a review and see sample videos and photos. Or if you'd like to get more technical, you can just head to our extensive Pixel 7a specs page and nerd out at your heart's content.

Pixel 7a camera upgrades:

Google has proven its camera prowess throughout the past 4 years by showcasing mind-blowing software magic, through which it somehow managed to keep the same main camera relevant to this day since 2018. Now the company has finally updated the camera system on its "a" series, adding new sensors to all cameras.

It is not just the new camera sensors that are responsible for this year's improvements though! The Tensor G2 chipset inside the Pixel 7a enables even further increase in camera performance and new AI-related camera features that Google is so well-known for.

New main and ultra-wide cameras

The Pixel 7a comes with a brand new dual-camera system on the back. The Main camera now has 64 MP with an 82-degree field of view, and it is capable of 4K 60 FPS video recording. The ultrawide snapper is also updated and now has 13 MP with a 120-degree field of view and 4K 30 FPS video recording.

The new 64 MP main camera on the Pixel 7a has a 72% larger sensor compared to the one found on the Pixel 6a.

Main camera samples:

Ultra-wide camera samples:

New selfie camera

The Pixel 7a is getting all of its cameras upgraded, which includes the front-facing snapper too. The new selfie camera on the Pixel 7a has 13 MP with a 95-degree field of view and the ability to record video at 4K 30 FPS. Thankfully, it also comes with support for Face Unlock!

Google Pixel 7a camera features

Google has included its latest Tensor G2 chipset inside the Pixel 7a, the same one found in the more expensive Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Thanks to the more capable processor and new camera hardware, the Pixel 7a comes with new camera features and upgraded old ones.

Improved Night Sight

Night Sight, which is the night mode on Pixel Phones, is now twice as fast compared to the Pixel 6a, claims Google. This means that you won't have to wait as long to capture photos in Night Sight mode.

Long Exposure

For the first time in Google's mid-range "a" series, the Pixel 7a now supports the Long Exposure feature, which allows users to choose to capture photos that give the feeling of motion.

Super Res Zoom

Super Res Zoom was a feature thought to be exclusive to Google's more expensive phone models, but thanks to Tensor G2 the company has managed to bring this feature to the Pixel 7a too. Now users can zoom in up to 8x using Super Res Zoom.

Other camera features

The Pixel 7a will, of course, continue to support Google's Real Tone feature, which helps all skin colors look more natural. Users are also able to utilize the Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur features in Google Photos.

How many cameras does the Pixel 7a have?

The Pixel 7a has the same number of cameras as its predecessors, meaning three in total: one main camera, one ultra-wide, and a selfie snapper on the front of the phone.

How many megapixels does the Pixel 7a camera have?

Here are all the Pixel 7a cameras and their respective megapixel count:
  • Main camera — 64 MP
  • Ultrawide camera — 13 MP
  • Selfie camera — 13 MP

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