Oppo may let you upgrade cameras independently of phones in the future

Oppo may let you upgrade cameras independently of phones in the future
Although  ZTE has already unveiled a smartphone with an under-display selfie camera, it could be a while before the tech goes mainstream. In the meanwhile, we will have to settle for notches, pinholes, flip-top snappers, and maybe even removable rear camera modules that double up as selfie shooters.

91Mobiles has unearthed a patent that suggests Oppo is considering such a design. The document shows a phone with a detachable camera module with two sensors and connectivity options such as USB-C, WiFi, and Bluetooth. To take selfies, you would need to attach the unit to the front of the device.

The outlet reports that the camera module would have its own lithium-ion battery.

There is no telling if Oppo intends to move ahead with this idea, but it does sound compelling. Under display cameras have a host of challenges to overcome at the moment, and the first commercial versions will probably not match the results of conventional selfie cameras. 

A removable module could take care of that problem in the interim. A modular design might also make it possible to upgrade just the camera instead of the whole phone. 

Don't get your hopes high, as we have seen companies like LG and Motorola unsuccessfully try their luck at modular phones. Google gave up before even commercializing the idea.

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