The OnePlus Pad may have cracked, but it survived this hardcore durability test

The OnePlus Pad may have cracked, but it survived this hardcore durability test
The OnePlus Pad — first of its kind for the company — is seemingly aiming to quickly climb the ranks and become one of the best tablets on the market. The moniker “iPad killer” is being thrown around quite a bit, so one must also ask: what's the longevity of the OnePlus Pad?

Now, hear me out — iPads are difficult to outpace in terms of durability. iOS is pretty stable even after years and the iPad’s metal body is quite durable. In fact, Apple’s latest iPad Pro survived one of the most convincing durability tests that you can find online.

Yep, you’ve guessed it: it's JerryRigEverything. So, since the iPad survived, it is time to find out if the OnePlus Pad is capable of doing just the same. And you know what? Even if there is some concerning… deformities by the end of the experiment, the device managed to impress.

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If you aren’t familiar with JerryRigEverything’s style, then the most basic way I could put it is as follows: devices go through stress that is pretty far from regular day to day usage. Most users are eager to see how easy the device’s screen scratches and if it bends — or outright breaks — when pressure is applied to it.

But OnePlus has a long history of making hardware, right? Also, the OnePlus Pad’s corpus is made out of metal, so… Is it really that much of a surprise that the tablet survived the test? Well, now, the screen did pop out a bit, but it did not break.

That is a testament to solid build quality, as this isn’t the type of damage you can do to your tablet unintentionally. There is a downside however: the glass on the screen scratched at a pretty bog-standard level. But hey, at least the IPS display managed to recover on its own after being exposed to heat, so that’s nice!

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Overall, this is great news for those of you, who are interested in the OnePlus Pad. And, just in case it wasn't clear: the tablet is available for purchase in the US! With a price tag of $479, it does appear that you’ll be getting yourself equipped with a pretty durable Android tablet.

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