The OnePlus Buds 2r are probably going to be a new budget-friendly pair of headphones

The OnePlus Buds 2r are probably going to be a new budget-friendly pair of headphones
Welcome to 2023, where many of the manufacturers, responsible for some of the best smartphones on the market, dabble in other types of tech. Nowadays, it’s pretty much expected of you to offer a pair of earbuds and something resembling a smartwatch if you make phones.

So, as a prime example of a solid Android phone maker, OnePlus makes no exception. While its offering on watches isn’t that wide, the company has produced quite a lot of headphones. Its main Nord series are two iterations of a Pro and a regular model — another fad that everyone seems way to clanged on to, but oh well.

But then we also have the OnePlus Z2, which offers no indication of their audio-tier (nor any obvious history to a Z1 model, but again: oh well). And then we have the fact that the Nord 2 buds are sold as the Nord Ace buds in some regions.

So do you see how this report from GSMArena for a OnePlus Nord Buds 2r earphones is confusing?

At this point, I think that all of us agree that Apple and Samsung are the kings of naming conventions — except the Galaxy Tabs, those don’t count yet, Sammy! — and that Sony is the worst when it comes to phone names. But in terms of headphones? Well, OnePlus may be ganging up on Sony with equal impact.

So, what are the Nord Buds 2r? Are they a budget pair of headphones? Are they the new premium? Do they have lights or air-conditioning?!

Well, based on the info from the Not-This-Arena, the answer to at least one of these questions is “yes”. Rumor has it that these buds are going to be more budget-friendly — at least in India and for the time being. INR2,299 equals to about $28, which is a bit cheaper than the Nord Buds 2’s asking price of $37.

And please note that these prices won’t probably have anything to do with the actual price that these buds will have in other regions. If they get there at all. But if they do, they might be available in Deep Gray and Triple Blue, the latter of which looks like a particularly fresh shade of indigo.

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Amazon India is expected to reveal more about the Nord Buds 2r next week, but we’re likely to hear more about them on July 5 too, as OnePlus will be revealing new smartphones then too.

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