No more Google Meet and Zoom on the Nest Hub Max… but there’s still the Duo

No more Google Meet and Zoom on the Nest Hub Max… but there’s still the Duo
Google is apparently pulling the plug on a major feature on one of its own devices – the video call capabilities via Google Meet on the Nest Hub Max. Zoom will also be unavailable on the Nest Hub Max after September (via 9to5Google).

Update: Google made a statement, clarifying that there would still be video call capabilities available: “As we continue to make Google Assistant even more helpful, we’re prioritizing the features people love and exploring new ways to build generative AI capabilities into their Assistant experience. As a result, some underutilized features will no longer be supported. There is no change to making 1:1 and group video calls to friends, family and businesses with Google Meet. What’s changing at the end of September is the support for joining meetings via meeting codes and links in Meet”.

What’s confusing is that in 2022 Google decided to merge the Duo app with Meet, and now it’s saying that the Google Meet on the Nest Hub Max is “underutilized” and they’re going back to Duo… which has been merged with Meet.

So, Nest Hub Max owners will still be able to make video calls, but won’t be able to join pre-scheduled meetings via codes and links in Meet.

Original story continues below:

Naturally, smart home speakers emphasize on audio, and – even more naturally – smart home displays emphasize on both the video and audio side of things. Combined, audio and video produce something called “a video call”. It became somewhat popular during the last three years, as you’ve noticed. It’s only logical that many users bought the Nest Hub Max with exactly that in mind – to use the display for simple hands-free video calls.

That’s why people are not happy to learn that support for Google Meet and Zoom is discontinued. Some Nest Hub Max owners got a message from Google Meet that “Joining meetings will no longer be available on this device starting September 28”.

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Zoom made a similar announcement back in July:

From frustration to refund declarations

Over at reddit, users are dissatisfied with Google pulling the plug on Google Meet and Zoom on the Nest Hub Max. In several subthreads, most comments are in tune: people are not happy about the coming change that will strip their devices of a key feature.

“We bought this for my aging grandmother at the start of Covid so she could stay connected to the family. She uses a few other features, like music and weather, but the biggest appeal was a video phone. I'm extremely disappointed”, reads one comment and there are several more describing very similar stories.

Some are going further in their rage and swear to ditch all things Google (at least on the hardware front), while others declare that they want to make a refund since they’re not getting a key feature that was advertised and expected on the device.

The $230-ish smart home display is expected to continue the support for Look and Talk to activate Assistant and as a Nest Cam – after all, there’s a camera on the device (6.5 MP one, but decently enough for a fast video call) and it’s got to be used for something if Zoom and Google Meet won’t be available.

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