Musk reveals the relaunch date of Twitter Blue

Musk reveals the relaunch date of Twitter Blue
Well, we guess we have a date for Twitter Blue's relaunch. The man himself, Elon Musk, shared in a tweet that the platform will release Blue Verified on November 29th. The reason for the delay is for the Twitter team to be sure that the service is "rock solid."

Furthermore, in another tweet, Musk shared that if you change your verified name after the new release date, you will lose your checkmark until someone at Twitter confirms that your account meets the platform's Terms of Service.

Musk's Twitter acquisition became a saga of biblical proportions. The moment he got behind the wheel of Twitter, Musk laid off employees, raised the price of Twitter Blue to $8 per month, and he even made the blue verification check mark part of the platform's subscription plan.

Earlier this month, Twitter began rolling out its revamped Blue subscription on iOS. But a few days later, the platform removed Blue signups following a wave of fake verified accounts. This mess, of course, resulted in some big companies like Omnicom Media Group and General Motors pausing their advertisements on the platform.

The verification check mark becoming something you could pay for raised concerns in the community that someone could simply pay Twitter to verify their account and start spreading misinformation, presenting themselves as someone that could be trusted. This is why the platform decided to add a new gray check mark that you won't be able to purchase. Twitter even released that new validation sign, only to remove it a few hours after its launch. And after removing the gray check mark, it returned it once again. Now, accounts like Coca-Cola and CNN have the new gray verification.

Elon Musk indeed shared in a tweet that "Twitter will do lots of dumb things in coming months." So, we guess we shouldn't be that surprised by what is happening there.

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