View the six new razr videos released by Motorola as the pre-order-period begins

View the six new razr videos released by Motorola as the pre-order-period begins
Today is the first day when Verizon customers in the U.S. can reserve the Motorola razr. The smartphone version of the iconic flip phone will be released on February 6th and is priced at $1,499.99 or 24 monthly payments of $62.49. With pre-orders starting today, Verizon is now promising that the phone will ship by February 18th. This indicates strong demand for the device in the U.S. where it is a Verizon exclusive.

Motorola dropped some videos today designed to show consumers how the phone works. The first one is a 49-second clip called "Discover razr" that shows some closeups of the device and what it looks like in the box. The base of the box doubles as a stand for the phone and with holes punched in the sides of the base, audio from the phone is amplified when it is placed in the box. This feature is called the Nightstand Amplifier.

The razr uses P2i's nanocoating for protection from the rain and light splashes

This video gives us an overview of the device including the 21:9 aspect ratio that Motorola calls the Cinematic Flex View display. That's because that aspect ratio is what wide-screen movies are shot in. Therefore, viewing streaming video content in landscape should look terrific on the flipper. While the razr opens to reveal a 6.2-inch P-OLED display, there is the 2.7-inch Interactive Quick View Display that shows notifications, makes mobile payments, controls streaming music, answers calls, and snaps selfies without the user having to open the phone. But if the larger screen is called for, what is seen on the Quick View Display will appear on the larger internal screen when the phone is opened. Motorola says that the razr will last all-day with its 2510mAh battery, and it is nanocoated for protection from light rain and splashes.

The next video shows an unboxing of the Motorola razr. Besides the phone, there is also an accessories carrying case that includes a turbo power charger that delivers hours of power in minutes. Also in the case is a pair of razr earbuds. Those purchasing the phone will need to arrange with their carrier for eSIM activation. This replaces the old-fashioned SIM card with a chip welded to the motherboard that basically does the same thing as the physical SIM card. And Motorola says that moving data over from an older phone to the razr is a snap.

The third video is supposed to show razr owners how to take care of their new handset. As we said, the razr uses P2i's nanocoating to make it repel light rain and splashes. Do not take the razr into the shower. If the phone does get wet, it should be wiped with a dry cloth. And Motorola says on the clip that "The screen is made to bend. Bumps and Lumps are normal." The manufacturer warns razr owners not to use a screen protector since the razr's screen has a protective coating out of the box (do not peel off that protective screen like influencers did to the one on the Samsung Galaxy Fold). Motorola also warns razr owners to avoid sharp objects and tells users to close the phone before putting it in a pocket or purse.

The next video shows that the razr will offer users Motorola's unique gestures and experiences. For example, most Motorola owners know that a double chop motion will turn on and then turn off the flashlight (just hold on tight to the phone so that it doesn't slip out of the hand). Probably the most useful gesture is the three-finger tap that will take a screenshot instantly. Twisting the phone will open the camera app. The penultimate clip is all about the 2.7-inch Quick View Display, which we already discussed three paragraphs ago.

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The sixth and final video is all about the camera on the razr. There is a hands-free countdown gesture for selfies, and the shutter will snap on a selfie automatically when the subject(s) smile. Portraits can be taken with a bokeh blur in the background and the lighting can be changed for dramatic effect. Night Vision will snap viewable photos without a flash in dark environments, and Camera Cartoon will make it entertaining for kids to sit and have their picture taken. The Spot Color feature produces a black and white photo except for one particular color. A slider will allow the user to determine how much "pop" the one color will have. And Cinemagraph will animate one part of a photo while the remainder stays static.

The razr can be pre-ordered from Verizon by visiting the carrier's website.

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