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Some Motorola Edge+ owners are reporting nasty display defects

Some Motorola Edge+ owners are reporting nasty display defects
Motorola finally released a true Android flagship, the Motorola Edge+ and is really proud of it. And for good reason. We had the chance to tested and were pleasantly surprised with what Motorola has achieved, as you can see in our Motorola Edge+ review.

But the experience with this $1,000 phone has not been as enjoyable for everyone. Shortly after it went on sale, reports started popping up on Lenovo’s community forums of various display defects. DroidLife spotted the ballooning complaint thread first. By now, there are 9 pages of back and forth between unhappy Motorola users and the forum administrators that provide information about upcoming fixes and guidance in case those don't work.

The defects people are experiencing are nothing to ignore, as some of the pictures posted on the forum reveal:

From color distortion to dark spots and smudges, some of the displays look straight-up unusable. Judging by the images, it seems that the phone’s namesake, the display’s edge, is what is causing some of the issues. Perhaps the display is too delicate for some users’ grips.

The damage doesn’t seem to be permanent, however; at least not for all of the affected devices. Motorola has already released a software update that seems to have fixed the issue for most users. Those unfortunate enough to still have it are prompted to seek further assistance from Motorola on an individual basis.

One person said that’s the second Edge+ they’re experiencing the issue on, having returned one to Verizon already. Obviously, when it comes to a premium device that should easily last a few years, concerns are raised about its long-term durability.

Hopefully, the problem is indeed manageable through software and Motorola will get a handle on it soon enough.

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