Surprise! More Nexus 6P settlement checks received by class action members

Surprise! More Nexus 6P settlement checks received by class action members
After dealing with bootloops and rapidly draining batteries causing their device to continuously shut down, those who purchased the Google Nexus 6P between September 29, 2015, and May 3, 2019 eventually got to share in a $9.75 million Class Action settlement. Those who had no problem with their Nexus 6P each received $29.11 while payments up to $400 went out to those who experienced both bootlooping and constant shutdowns.

Google took the blame for software related issues while Huawei was deemed responsible for problems connected to the phone's hardware. The Nexus line was powered by stock Android with various manufacturers selected to design Nexus phones and tablets each year. Like the Pixel line, Nexus devices would be the first to receive Android updates.

Besides being responsible for the software, Google would design, develop, market, and support the Nexus devices. The various manufacturers would be responsible for some of the development of the phones and tablets that would carry the Nexus name and would handle the production of these devices.

The first phone in the series, the Nexus One, was launched in 2010. The Nexus 6P was launched in 2015 alongside the Nexus 5X (made by Google and LG) which also suffered a bootloop issue. In a settlement made in 2018, Nexus 5X owners had the choice of accepting $425 in cash or $700 toward a new LG phone.

The big news today is that some of those who had filed claims in relation to the Nexus 6P and were already recipients of a previous payment, are receiving small checks more than a year following the February 2020 payments that were supposed to be the last ones to be sent out. According to AndroidPolice, payments that they have been tipped to have ranged from $6.14 to $11.33.

These payments could be from unclaimed funds that no one bothered to accept last year. If you did receive a settlement payment last year, you might want to go back to check your bank account or PayPal account to see whether you have received another payment because of the problems suffered by the Nexus 6P.

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