Logitech announces its first Zone True Wireless earbuds, and they have one special feature

Logitech announces its first Zone True Wireless earbuds, and they have one special feature
Logitech is finally making a move to join the ranks of wireless earbuds on the market by announcing its very own upcoming model, which has been named the Zone True Wireless Earbuds.

Logitech has been selling both wired and wireless headsets for years, among its myriad of other tech products, but in-ear headphones—or earbuds—haven't made it to the shelves just yet, until now. 

Yesterday (August 3), the company posted a YouTube video announcing the upcoming launch of the Zone True Wireless earbuds, and they are already up on their website, with the option to be notified when they hit the shelves. 

(Almost) the only earbuds to feature a dedicated mute button

The Logitech Zone True Wireless earbuds have already set themselves apart with a unique feature that other earbuds don't have (except maybe the Galaxy Buds+)—and that is a dedicated mute button. 

This particularity is certainly a must-have for most headsets, but tends to be looked over in earbuds, which are nearly never business-oriented or place any special focus on the microphone quality.

These special earbuds, however, are advertised as perfect for business use, although they are thankfully far rom giving off the vibes that any regular call-center or business earpieces tend to give. Rather, their sleek and colorful appearance, although unique, looks like any other regular earbuds that's perfect for sports or just chilling out with some good tunes.
The full specs are already up on the Logitech website for anyone wishing to learn more about this new take on wireless earbuds. The Zone True Wireless earbuds feature omni-directional, dual MEMS noise-cancelling mics, including an inward-facing mic. There are a total of six integrated mics, or 3 per earbud, and the premium noise cancellation feature also includes a transparency mode. 

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The speakers' frequency response ranges from 20-20KHz in music mode, and 100-8KHz in talk mode.

The tiny earbuds pack quite an impressive lithium iron battery, boasting a whole of 12 hours of listening time (9 hours with ANC), and 6.5 hours of talk time (or 6 with ANC).

It takes only 2 hours and 45 minutes to fully recharge the earbuds, and 3 hours to fill up the case (which, besides the included USB-A to C charging cable, also supports wireless Qi charging). Quick-charging the Zone True Wireless for 5 minutes in their case will give them enough juice for 2 hours of listening time. The case has the capacity to charge the earbuds 2.5 times.

The earbuds also have an IP68 rating, rendering them both dust-proof and waterproof—perfect for working out or jamming out to music in the rain. The case itself is also rated IP54, making it sweat-resistant as well. It comes in two colors: the elegant Rose and a more neutral Graphite. 

What's more, there are actually two pairs of wireless earbuds coming out this fall: the Zone True Wireless is our main focus, but the Zone Wired Earbuds shouldn't be ignored, either. They will sell for $99 in the US, and also feature a certified noise-cancelling mic, ANC, immersive sound, a dedicated mute button, as well as a USB receiver that plugs into your computer for extra-reliable wireless connectivity.

Logitech claims its first-of-their kind "business-oriented" earbuds are the "first targeted to be certified by all three major cloud video-conferencing platforms, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom," and they come with a USB so you can use them over wireless on your computer, rather than Bluetooth. 

This makes it possible to use them for gaming as well, as wireless latency is generally much lower than Bluetooth.

Both the Logitech Zone True Wireless earbuds and the Logitech Zone Wired Earbuds are coming sometime this autumn, although no official date has been set yet. We'll update this article once the official launch day is released. In the meantime, here is the teaser Logitech put out yesterday:

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