LG seemingly confirms multiple Dual Screen phones for IFA debut along with 'omnitasking' browser

LG seemingly confirms multiple Dual Screen phones for IFA debut along with 'omnitasking' browser
LG didn't waste any time confirming the launch date and venue for its next "Dual Screen" device shortly after rumors started swirling around a possible V60 ThinQ flagship with 5G support, but even though the company ramped up the IFA 2019 teasing games in recent weeks, the name or names of the phone(s) due to be unveiled on September 6 remain largely unclear.

One of the more credible rumors making the rounds of late suggested the V50S ThinQ could come to Korea in a 5G-enabled variant that would then be rebranded as the G8X ThinQ "internationally" as a 4G LTE-only model. That obviously meant the V60 ThinQ name was shelved until next year, but it's probably wise to not take anything for granted just yet.

That's because LG is today (not so) subtly alluding to multiple handsets being prepared for official announcements at the IFA trade show in Berlin with Dual Screen support. For those unfamiliar with this "technology", we should point out it doesn't look very complex or polished yet. 

In a nutshell, the V50 ThinQ 5G can be paired with an optional case in South Korea that adds a second display for a (not so) seamless multitasking experience. In a way, you can think of this as LG's somewhat rudimentary but functional and affordable answer to the foldable designs Samsung and Huawei are still struggling to mass produce.

For what it's worth, the Dual Screen "technology" is expected to evolve on LG's "newest phones" slated for a September 6 debut, one of the upgrades coming in the form of an "omnitasking" browser developed in collaboration with Naver, South Korea's largest search engine provider. Based on Google's open-source Chromium browser, Whale aims to take multitasking to a "whole new level", allowing users to "move between two browsing screens quickly and effortlessly" when paired with the LG Dual Screen attachment.

The new browser will support split screen functionality with an "adjustable divider to enable browsing two sites in the same tab", as well as simultaneous web surfing in two different languages for bilingual users. Whale will come pre-installed on the V50S ThinQ, G8X ThinQ, V60 ThinQ, or whatever LG plans to unveil at IFA 2019, although it's unclear how many Western users might be tempted to give yet another Google Chrome alternative from a little-known company (in the West) a fair chance.
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