Leaked slide reveals Instagram's challenger to Twitter; app could launch next month

Leaked slide reveals Instagram's challenger to Twitter; app could launch next month
For what it's worth, if there ever was a time that Twitter has been vulnerable to a well-oiled competitor, that time is now. Last October Elon Musk ended up with Twitter after trying to extricate himself from his takeover bid for the social media site. Was it all a joke that went horribly awry? Whatever the intent of one of the world's richest men, Musk has stumbled through seven months of running the site and recently hired a new CEO.

By the time the new chief executive gets her key to the executive bathroom in approximately 6 weeks, Twitter could be in the middle of trying to fend off a new challenger. Instagram is planning on launching a new text-based social media platform as soon as next month and Lia Haberman leaked promotional material and other details about this app in her ICYMI Substack newsletter (via The Verge).

The marketing slide Haberman leaked doesn't reveal a name for the app calling it "Instagram’s new text-based app for conversations." The slide notes that Instagram users will be able to create texts (up to 500 characters in length) and attach photos, videos, and links. Instagram users will be able to follow the same accounts that they follow on Instagram with just one tap. Instagram says this feature will help users quickly build an audience.

The slide also points out that users can decide who can reply to their messages and mention their accounts. Instagram's current community guidelines will be in effect and Instagram subscribers blocked by a user will remain blocked on the new platform.

Instagram also says that its new text-based social media platform soon will be compatible with other apps such as Mastodon. The slide says, "Users on these other apps will be able to search for, follow and interact, with your profile and content if you're public or if you're private and approve them as followers." And Instagram's new platform will recommend eligible creators to people who do not yet follow them.

The only reason that Twitter hasn't completely burned to the ground yet is that Twitter users are creatures of habit. Additionally, if they left Twitter they might feel that replacement apps and sites aren't compelling Twitter replacements. But that might change with Instagram's upcoming "app for conversations."

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And yeah, while Mastodon and Jack Dorsey's Bluesky would seem to be possible Twitter substitutes, Instagram's new app promises that content creators and other users can instantly keep all of their Instagram followers without having to beg and grovel to build a new following on a different platform.

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