Don't miss out on the Jabra Elite 10: get yours and save 43% through this sweet Black Friday deal

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Don't miss out on the Jabra Elite 10: get yours and save 43% through this sweet Black Friday deal
Attention, bargain hunters! If you’re shopping for a new pair of premium earbuds with plenty of cutting-edge features, you’ve come to the right place. We found an awesome deal on the innovative Jabra Elite 10 at Amazon-owned retailer Woot. Not just any offer, but a mind-blowing 43% markdown, which equates to $130!

In case you missed it, these earbuds hit the shelves just a few months ago. So, as you might expect, they haven’t seen such a generous markdown before. That makes this incredible Woot deal even sweeter, in our opinion. Over at Amazon, by the way, the earbuds sell at 10% off.

Jabra Elite 10: $130 off on Woot right now

The Jabra Elite 10 offer superior comfort, Advanced ANC, Bluetooth Multipoint, up to 27 hours of playtime with the charging case, and customizable EQ. They're super new and hot, and you can now get them at $130 off, a no-miss Black Friday offer!
$169 99
$299 99
Buy at Woot

Jabra Elite 10: 10% off on Amazon

Over at Amazon, you can get the Jabra Elite 10 at 10% off. These earbuds have a lot to offer and should make most casual listeners very happy with their choice. They feature premium design, too. Get them now in Gloss Black and save 10%

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Now’s the time to note you have about nine more days to take advantage of the Woot offer. However, the deal might expire earlier if supplies run out. With that being said, let’s find out just what makes these earbuds a great choice.

First off, they feature a super-innovative Jabra ComfortFit technology. It relies on an open-ear design and oval-shaped ear gels to relieve ear pressure while creating a secure fit and providing a superb acoustic experience.

Speaking of acoustics, the Jabra Elite 10 are equipped with 10mm speakers with Dolby Atmos Head Tracking on deck. This one allows you to experience fully immersive 3D sound.

Then again, we should note that their overall sound quality may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The good news is that you don’t have to put up with what you get out of the box. That is, you can customize their sound profile via the EQ settings on the app.

Like every other pair of premium earbuds, these also feature Active Noise Cancellation. According to Jabra, the Advanced ANC technology used here performs much better than its standard ANC, which sounds promising.

Also ideal for phone calls and boasting up to 27 hours of total playtime with the case, plus Bluetooth Multipoint, these are quite the feature-rich earbuds. At least on paper, these tick all the boxes. They now arrive at a pretty affordable price point, too. If you’re interested in what they have to offer, go ahead and get a pair at Woot while you can!

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