iPhone 15: What’s in the box?

iPhone 15: What’s in the box?
Happy iPhone 15 day! Woohoo! Wow, the mere fact that Apple has gone through fifteen iterations of the iPhone is staggering, and in less than sixteen years no less. And that’s not counting the different models either, so technically: the Big A has maybe made even more!

As you’ve probably guessed and heard by now: the iPhone 15 — Apple’s latest and greatest smartphone — was officially unveiled minutes ago, during the Wonderlust live stream. Well, technically, Apple unveiled the iPhone 15 Plus, the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max alongside it too. 

The Cupertino Company is sticking to tradition and the iPhone 15 series of phones is now up for preorder at Apple’s official online store. But given all of the drama surrounding Apple’s switch to USB-C, you must be wondering: what’s in the box? Well, I’m here to let you know!

What's in the iPhone 15 box?

  • An iPhone 15
  • A USB Type-C to Type-C cable, which is woven
  • Documentation and Inserts
  • The ever-appreciated Apple logo sticker

What's Not in the iPhone 15 box?

  • A Power adapter
  • Any sort of generic headphones
  • USB-C to 3,5mm headphone jack adapter
  • Any sort of protective case or screen protector

And by power adapter, we mean the new USB-C Power Adapter, capable of up to 20W. That, in turn, is stated on Apple's website to provide about a 50% charge in somewhere around 30 minutes, which doesn't sound half bad. 

But, alas, said charger does not come included in the box, even despite the fact that Apple is changing format quite drastically. Still, given that the change is for the better and that USB-C has been universally accepted as "the new norm" for awhile now, you likely have a USB-C charger lying somewhere in your home anyway. 

So, to wrap things up: those of you who are looking forward to getting a member of the iPhone 15 family as their daily driver won't find any surprises in the box, beyond this long-awaited switch to USB-C. And, quite honestly, it's likely for the better, because now you can use one can use one cable for all of your tech! 

As long as Apple doesn't forbid you from doing that, which we hope it won't. 

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