Blind camera comparison with a hot sauce twist: iPhone 14 Pro, Pixel 7 Pro, Galaxy S22 Ultra

Blind camera comparison with a hot sauce twist: iPhone 14 Pro, Pixel 7 Pro, Galaxy S22 Ultra
We techies have very comfortably fallen into a pattern of prejudice when we review phones and their cameras. For example — it may be true to some of us that when we see an iPhone, we expect its photos to be yellow-ish and warm. When we see a Samsung, we expect photo colors to be saturated and details oversharpened. When we see a Pixel, we expect extreme levels of HDR, which sometimes flatten dynamics.

This is why we decided to have a blind camera comparison between the latest and greatest from the three gargantuans on the market — Apple's iPhone 14 Pro, Samsung's Galaxy S22 Ultra, and Google's Pixel 7 Pro.

The rules are simple: The reviewer has no idea what photo was taken with which phone. If he guesses wrong, he gets to suffer two things — a cracker doused in hot sauce and the eternal shame of being wrong on camera.

If you wish to play along, you can view all the camera samples — unidentified — in the galleries below the video:

Video Thumbnail

Scene 1: Landscape 1

Scene 2: Landscape 2

Scene 3: Portrait

Scene 4: Photo with person

Scene 5: Macro

Scene 6: Evening landscape

Scene 7: Evening with person

Scene 8: Evening bonus scene

Well, well...

It's clear that smartphones — and their cameras — have evolved over the years. Some manufacturers have learned from their mistakes, others are making some new ones. In the end, if you are paying flagship money, you will end up getting a flagship camera phone — or you should. This test gave me a good spin and the only thing I can consistently guess is how Samsung changes the green colors in grass. The night modes were also easier to discern, but give it a couple of years and they will all be on par. Maybe, but also probably.

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