This person “transformed” his phone into an iPhone 14 with a pill-shaped cutout

This person “transformed” his phone into an iPhone 14 with a pill-shaped cutout
We might be about nine months away from the official release of the iPhone 14 series, but that doesn’t mean we are getting short on leaks, renders, and reports about it. Just recently, the alleged display design of the iPhone 14 surfaced online, showing us the pill-shaped cutout for the selfie camera and an invisible cutout for a Face ID component.

A Twitter user by the name of Jeff Grossman has shared a photo of what looks like a real-life iPhone 14 with the aforementioned display design. Don’t get fooled, though, as this is only a regular current iPhone.

Grossman was able to “transform” his iPhone to look like the upcoming iPhone 14 by creating a screenshot to visualize what the screen of the future Apple flagship would look like. He simply edited the wallpaper to have the pill-shaped cutout and then held the phone upside-down. As a bonus to this news, Grossman has also shared the wallpaper so others can try it out for themselves.

While it is not the real deal (of course), this neat little trick allows us to get a good look at what the iPhone 14 could look like in real life. Needless to say, the elliptical punch-hole proves to be quite the improvement looks-wise over the thick notch of the iPhone 13.

Keep in mind, though, that the rumors we’ve heard so far suggest that only the Pro models will be getting this much-needed design overhaul. That leaves quite the question mark when it comes to the regular, more affordable models. Will they keep such a relic of the past that is the thick notch? Or will Apple find a way to bring them in the modern age of screens, but by some other method?

Last year’s iPhone 13’s smaller notch did little in bringing any practical improvements with its reduced size. Some even thought it looked worse than the previous iteration. Hopefully, this year Apple will make the most of this supposed new design.

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