Limited-edition iPhone 13 Pro inspired by the first iPhone costs $6,990

Limited-edition iPhone 13 Pro inspired by the first iPhone costs $6.990
Do you remember the first iPhone? How on January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs introduced it on stage? And how thousands of people waited in lines for days to buy it? The first generation of the iPhone, also known as the iPhone 2G, changed everything.

So, to honor this legend of a phone, Caviar, the brand that makes exclusive designer smartphones and accessories made from luxury materials, just released their new design based on the iPhone 13 Pro, featuring pieces of an original first-generation iPhone.


iPhone 13 Pro design pays homage to the first iPhone

This new iPhone 13 Pro design was made using original fragments of an iPhone 2G that was split into 19 pieces for 19 copies of "iPhone 2G", as Caviar calls it. The pieces were placed in a sealed capsule made in the shape of the Apple logo and then filled with jewelry resin. 

The fragments came from the original iPhone of Sergey Kitov, founder of Caviar, who donated the phone for the creation of these 19 iPhone 13 Pros. Caviar's version of the iPhone 13 Pro has a part of the motherboard of the iPhone 2G built into its body.

The body itself was made using aviation-grade titanium and is decorated with a drawing of internal phone components. The drawing is laser-etched into the housing. According to Caviar, the decoration was meant to display the connection of the main elements of the device with the motherboard which is located in the Apple logo.

But what inspired this new design? "This phone kickstarted my hobby for Apple and, thus, inspired me to found Caviar. Our iPhone 13 Pro "2g" is a tribute to the great individual - the inventor who turned our world upside down - Steve Jobs," said Sergey Kitov about the first generation iPhone and why Caviar made this version of the iPhone 13 Pro.

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The prices of these 19 limited edition iPhones start at $6.990.

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