How to move the iOS 15 Safari address bar back on top

How to move the iOS 15 Safari address bar back on top
In our iOS 15 review, we note that Apple introduced the biggest and most important changes in the Safari browser interface on mobile since, well, its introduction on the OG iPhone but not everyone was happy about it.

So much so, that Apple reversed its extremely unpopular Safari decision in the iOS 15 beta 6 update to say that "the bottom tab bar has been redesigned to appear below page content. An option to show the address bar at the top is also available." Why?

Well, in the last few iOS 15 betas, Safari's new floating address bar covered such staples like the refresh page, bookmarks, and share buttons, making Apple add them back to the bar in beta 3. In the final iOS 15 release today, however, you can switch off the floating Safari address bar altogether.

This crazy turn of events where Apple thinks one thing right for the user and they don't agree to the extent that Apple backs down is not unprecedented, as it has reversed some controversial decisions before. 

These were mainly hardware related, though, such as the infamous butterfly keyboard or the Touch Bar which are going the way of the Dodo, while when it comes to interface tweaks, Apple swallows its pride harder. The Safari address bar debacle is just one such unprecedented change of heart and here's how it will work in iOS 15.

How to turn off the floating Safari address/search bar in iOS 15

  1. Settings > Safari > Single Tab (instead of Tab Bar)
  2. From Safari settings > Show top address bar

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