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Apple removes hated Safari UI changes in just released iOS 15 public beta 4

Apple removes hated Safari UI changes in just released iOS 15 public beta 4
Moving closer to the final version of iOS 15, Apple today released iOS 15 public beta four along with the fourth public beta for iPadOS 15, tvOS 15, and watchOS 8. Not much difference is expected between the features offered in the public betas and the developer betas which were dropped yesterday.

One of the changes in the latest iOS 15 public beta eliminates some of the revisions made to the Safari mobile browser that users were not happy with. For example, to make Safari easier to use with one hand, Apple had moved the URL bar to the bottom of the screen and some complained that the move made other popular features such as Reader Mode or the reload button hard to find.

With the new Safari design, Apple used a three-dot menu to hide most of the browser's functions including reloading the browser, converting the page to Reader Mode, to save an article to read later or to share a link. The list hit close to 20 options making it rather unwieldy and it was one of the reasons why iOS 15 beta testers started to complain about the changes.

The update also brings full support to the iPhone for the MagSafe Battery Pack. Introduced earlier this month, the $99 accessory (available for 12 monthly payments of $8.25) connects to the back of an iPhone 12 series handset via the magnet embedded inside the phone. And a notification summary wraps up all non-time-sensitive notifications and sends them in one "bundle."

As you know, we don't recommend that iPhone users download an iOS beta since it is considered unstable. Features that you count on using with your iOS 14 powered iPhone might be disabled with the iOS 15 beta and as sure as shootin' the beta will reduce battery life forcing you to carry around a power bank or a MagSafe Battery Pack.

If new features such as the enhanced version of Do Not Disturb called Focus (which changes the apps available and notifications that are allowed to go through based on your Focus status), Live Text and others have you chomping at the bit for iOS 15, you might feel like you want to install the public beta and damn the risks. 

If that is the case, head over to the Apple Beta Software Program site, click on iOS 15 and follow the directions. But don't say that we didn't warn you.
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