Instagram Threads app is getting discontinued next month

Instagram Threads app is getting discontinued next month
Instagram Threads was launched back in 2019, an app focused on sending and receiving messages with users of Instagram. Unfortunately now, Meta has announced the app will be discontinued, and will no longer be available beginning in December, reports 9to5Mac.

Instagram Threads is getting discontinued and won't be available from December

The Instagram Threads app will be deactivated by the end of next month, while starting November 23, users will be receiving messages stating the Threads app is discontinued and will stop working soon. These users will be redirected to the main Instagram app when they try to send messages via Threads.

Initially, upon its announcement and launch, Instagram stated the app is designed for close friends to communicate with each other. However, the app never become popular among Instagram users, and this is one of the main reasons for which it is now going to get killed.

Instagram has ways to share and connect with your friends like Stories and Instagram Direct. However, the company thought that people needed a separate app for the more intimate circle of friends, and that's why, the company states, it built Threads.

However, it didn't go as well as planned. With the recent name change and rebranding that the Facebook company is undergoing, it seems it has also been focusing on and reconsidering its products. On top of that, with Facebook Messenger and Instagram unified, emoji reactions and app themes have made their way to Instagram Direct, even further enriching the user experience.

As Instagram Threads start its discontinuation process, users on both iOS and Android will begin seeing notices of the app's shutdown in December, while Instagram's Help Center will also display a notification that Threads will no longer be supported. When the support ends, the existing users will be logged out, while the app will be removed from the App Store and the Google Play Store. However, all Threads features will be available on the main Instagram app when the app closes down at the end of this year.

The main Instagram app is getting more features to look forward to

While this news may be unpleasant to hear if you're a Threads user, the Instagram app has been getting loads of improvements over the recent months, so you won't be disappointed to switch to it. Here's what the company has been working on adding to Instagram recently so it can make the experience even better.

First off, to prevent fake accounts and bot-created accounts that spam you, Instagram will require video selfie recording as a step in the registration process. The video selfie recording will be used to confirm the person registering to Instagram is a real human, and of course, these videos won't be shown anywhere on the app and will be deleted within 30 days from the social media platform's servers.

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Another great thing that will be coming soon to the app's interface is the possibility to "Like" Instagram Stories. Until now, you could react with emojis or send a message in reaction to a Story, but a simple Like function was not available. It now seems the company is working to introduce this basic feature, which will make reacting to Stories a quick and easy thing to do.

Additionally, according to reverse-engineer and mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram "Live" broadcast hosts will be getting the option to add moderators to their live streams. This will help monitor the feed and the chat for the live stream in check, and further make the communication more enjoyable without the unnecessary trolls to interrupt your favorite content creators' live stream.

Another useful feature Instagram will be getting is actually, a warning to "Take a Break" from it. It will be helpful for users who suffer from smartphone addiction.

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