iPhone users and Instagram accounts are the favorite targets for hackers

iPhone users and Instagram accounts are the favorite targets for hackers
It's very hard to determine which phone or mobile app is safer and which has big security holes. But that's not because each uses different security software to protect itself, but mostly due to the different attention they receive from hackers.

If more hackers are targeting a specific smartphone, there is a bigger chance that they will succeed, whereas those that aren't deemed “worthy” by hackers might go as much safer in the eyes of the general public. That's why Case24 sought to investigate which apps and smartphone brands are more prone to be hacked, not necessarily which ones are safer.

Their study shows interesting results that aren't really surprising, at least when it comes to which are the favorite targets for hackers. Before we give you the numbers, it's worth noting that the study has taken into consideration consumers in the US and UK, but we're only going to report on those in the United States.

The study has found that iPhone users are 192 times more at risk of being targeted by hackers than a Huawei phone. Also, nearly 50k Americans are searching for information on how to hack an iPhone each month.

Surprisingly, the study claims Sony, Nokia, LG or Huawei smartphones are by far the safest phones to own. Samsung phones aren't as prone to be targeted by hackers as the iPhone, but they're still ranked second when it comes to that.

Most hacked phone brands (US)

  • iPhone – 48,010
  • Samsung – 3,100
  • LG – 670
  • Sony – 320
  • Nokia – 260
  • Huawei – 250

Since Apple and Samsung are the most popular brands in the United States, the numbers above come as little to no surprise at all. What's really interesting is that the iPhone is so much ahead compared to Samsung, although not in a good way.

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LG, Sony, Nokia and Huawei phones aren't popular among Americans, which is why fewer are looking for ways to hack them. Yes, they can be considered safer because they're less targeted by hackers, but not because they feature better security software.

As far as the apps go, Instagram accounts are 24 times more at risk of being hacked than Netflix, which is the least prone to be targeted by hackers. You can find below all the relevant apps how likely they are to be hacked:

Most hacked apps (US)

  • Instagram – 66,960
  • Snapchat – 57,740
  • WhatsApp – 36,980
  • YouTube – 13,710
  • Twitter – 13,350
  • Messenger – 10,350
  • Gmail – 7,080
  • Facebook – 5,980
  • Amazon – 3,460
  • Netflix – 2,790

The numbers above prove that more than 60k Americans are looking for ways to hack an Instagram account each month, which is quite shocking. The same goes for WhatsApp and Snapchat accounts, which seem to be just as popular among hackers, rookies or veterans. Netflix is the least likely to be hacked probably because the movie streaming service allows subscribers to share their accounts within some limits.

In case you're wondering how the study came up with these numbers, we can only quote from the source, so here is their methodology:

Judging by these numbers, it's quite dangerous to own a “mainstream” device like the iPhone in the United States. But these numbers are a direct consequence of the popularity these brands achieved, so it's not surprising that Apple and Samsung are at the top of hackers' preferences. Thankfully, both brands are taking good care of their phones, so that people can't hack them using the information found on the internet.

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