iOS 11.3 Beta 2 finally adds the iPhone battery health sub-menu

iOS 11.3 Beta 2 finally adds the iPhone battery health sub-menu
After another iPhone scandal late last year, Apple admitted it hasn't been transparent enough about how it handles power management on aging iPhones. Long story short — iPhones with batteries that have degraded beyond a certain level get their performance throttled in order to prevent the weak batteries to cause random restarts. However, the user was never informed properly of what is going on and why their iPhone has suddenly slowed down in performance and responsiveness.

To redeem itself for this lack of communication, Apple lowered the price for replacing an iPhone battery down to $29 and promised that a future update will let the users know what their batteries' health currently is and also allow them to disable the throttling manually. Now, with iOS 11.3 Beta 2, we finally get a glimpse of this new menu!

To get to it, you go to Settings → Battery where you will find a brand-new menu, called Battery Health (Beta). Opening that up will give you a reading for your battery's Maximum Capacity. Basically, if this number falls below 80% — it's time to consider a replacement.

Then, we have another piece of info, letting us know how the battery is performing and whether the iPhone's hardware is currently being throttled. If it is — you will have the option to Disable this feature and choose to risk the phone restarting due to the poor battery power output. It's important to know that

If your iPhone suffers from another unexpected restart, the power throttling will activate again.

So, you will need to go back in the same menu to turn it off again, if you so wish.

If the battery's health is degraded to a point it needs replacement, this page will also suggest a link, which will lead you to the nearest Apple-certified repair centers.

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