iPhone 7 retail packaging allegedly leaks

Given that Foxconn is said to have begun shipping the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus ahead of tomorrow's announcement, it's likely we'll get a few more leaks before the grand unveiling. During the last few moments, the suspected retail box of the iPhone 7 has been shared by leakster the_malignant. Though we cannot say for sure whether it's real or fake, the device depicted atop the packaging does align with what's been rumored. 

The supposed retail box, apparently devoid of its contents, doesn't really offer much we haven't seen before regarding the next iPhone. It looks specific to the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 in Rose Gold — one of five purported colors that could be on offer this time around. The device shown on the box includes a single rear-facing camera as expected, while the iPhone 7's newly-located antenna lines also get some more airtime. 

If this is a legitimate shot of the iPhone box, then Apple appears to have made one or two adjustments. Notably, the back of the device is showcased rather than the front, as seen here on the right with last year's iPhone 6s. For Apple to present the rear side of the iPhone 7 (and presumably the iPhone 7 Plus) on the box would make a lot of sense; this perspective would shed more light on significant aesthetic changes like new color options and the iPhone 7 Plus' supposed duo camera. 

Those eagle-eyed may also have noticed that the specific model number has gone, replaced simply with 'iPhone' in bolder text. Whether it's legit packaging remains to be seen, and the leakster himself seems apprehensive. Still, with many units likely being churned out and moved around, there's only so much Apple can do to keep everything under wraps. 


source: the_malignant

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