iPhone 6 and iWatch release date cited for October: 4.7" one sticking with Gorilla Glass, sapphire to go in the 5.5-incher

iPhone 6 and iWatch release date cited for October: 4.7" one sticking with Gorilla Glass
Today's set of iPhone 6 rumors, coming straight from Taiwanese supply chain insiders, claims that the 4.7" version of the handset will sport a run-of-the-mill Gorilla Glass display protection, while the fancy sapphire screens are reserved for the 5.5" phablet. 

That is why, claim the sources, the 4.7-incher is ordered in 60 million units, while the niche 5.5" iPhone was pegged to ship no more than 10 million pieces. The displays themselves will allegedly be made by JDI and LG, with eventual increase in the production of the 5.5-incher as soon as LG masters the process to produce touchscreens out of sapphire.

Another interesting tidbit that the supply chain sources shared, is about the upcoming iWatch wearable by Apple. They say it is expected to cost $349, and include health and fitness tracking features, which would tie in well with Apple's already-announced Health app in iOS 8. Interestingly enough, the insiders claim that one of the iWatch parts suppliers, TPK, has come up with an innovative silver nanocoating used in the device, but what benefits will this bring, remains to be seen. 

As for the announcement of these three Apple warriors, the publication is citing the end of Q3, which means that Cupertino might again unveil the 4.7" and 5.5" iPhones, as well as the iWatch, in the last week of September, like it did last year with the iPhone 5s. This would also jibe with previous leaks from Japanese part suppliers that the two iPhone together with Apple's smartwatch, will be released in October.

source: UDN via G4Games
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