Apple's Health app is the hypochondriac's dream: convergence of all your health and fitness data


The rumored Healthbook app that Apple was supposed to announce with iOS 8, will actually be called only Health, we just learned, and is developed in conjunction with one of the best and most popular health establishments in the US - the Mayo Clinic.

The premise is to have an app that centralizes all of your health and fitness data, gathered from various sources - from fitness armbands that connect to your iPhone, to the procedure informations from your local physician. Apart from the usual calorie and sleep pattern counters, the app will collect and display heart rate, blood pressure, and so on information from various accessories that measure those.

The cool thing is that the so-called HealthKit SDK will allow the Health hub to store and track both how your illness progresses, and your fitness achievements over time, giving you and your physician a fuller picture of your health status. Thus, all the information collected by Nike's armbands while you run, adds to the Mayo Clinic reports that the app can pull up, for a full health history convergence with great potential to become a hit, and not only amongst hypochondriacs.

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