iPhone 6 Plus catches fire in man's bed


We live in the age of daily smartphone charges – whether we have a tiny iPhone 4s or a gargantuan Galaxy Note 5, we are very likely to plug in our handsets in the power outlet in the evening, so it would have the juice to keep its lights on throughout the next day. And, being the powerful media devices and smart alarm clocks that they are, we are very probable to have our smartphones positioned close to, or even in our beds as we sleep.

A man from Atlanta — one David Grimsley — was doing just that. He had his iPhone 6 Plus plugged in the outlet and lying on the bed next to him, when the phone unexpectedly caught on fire, Fox 5 News reports. Suddenly, the man accounts, sparks and flames busted out of the device, prompting him to quickly push the handset off the bed, then off the carpet, until it was lying on the hard floor.

Mr. Grimsley reported the accident to Apple and was quickly sent a brand-new iPhone 6 Plus to replace the overcooked unit, but this doesn't really put the user’s mind at ease. He was disappointed in the fact that Apple showed no concern whether he had been injured in the accident or not, and said that he feels paranoid over recharging his phone now. And, for those who are concerned, Mr. Grimsley did burn his fingers during the ordeal, but has now recovered.

This is not the first account of a spontaneously-combusting smartphone and the issue is brand-agnostic – it has happened to many different classes of devices, made from various manufacturers. However, this is the second report of an iPhone 6 Plus catching fire this month alone – last time, we heard of a man who was forced to take his burning pants off in the middle of a parking lot. Interestingly enough, that also happened in Atlanta.

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The two main culprits that cause a malfunctioning cellphone battery are physical damage or use of a low quality, unauthorized charger. Of course, there’s always the possibility of having a lemon battery, which still explodes despite the fact that the user has been treating it right. So please, be mindful of how you maintain and where you leave your favorite gadgets!

source: Fox 5 News via Ubergizmo

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