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iOS 15 will let developers integrate App Clips in Safari

iOS 15 will let developers integrate App Clips in Safari
App Clips, for anyone who is not familiar, is a feature that was introduced as part of iOS 14 last year, which essentially allowed users to "preview" an app before they actually download it from the App Store. It made exploring the App Store and what it has to offer a much easier and more effortless experience, without having to download every single application that caught your attention in order to try it out.

The feature is going to be upgraded in iOS 15, and full compatibility will be added for Apple's internet browser, Safari. While this may not mean much for the average user, it does mean that developers will be able to showcase their apps and internal features straight from their website, when visitors stumble upon it in Safari.

When an App Clip is integrated into a mobile website, interacting with it on Safari will pull up a full-screen "card" as a preview of the app. This way developers will be able to quickly demonstrate what their app offers and is capable of, with a certain level of in-app interaction made possible without having to hop over to the App Store. 

Before this new development, App Clips were still able to show up on mobile websites in the form of a banner, but it was much smaller than full-screen, and opening and interacting with it required more taps and was not as streamlined as could be.

The new ability to integrate full-screen App Clips into Safari websites will be featured not only on iOS 15, but on iPadOS 15 as well. Locally performed testing of App Clips is also going to become easier for developers, as well as the ability to experience App Clips in AR through ARKit within the apps.

iOS 15 is expected to be released sometime this September, along with this and many other interesting features—such as improvements to FaceTime, Notifications Summary and Focus, and more. 
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