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Apple iPhone users hope that Tuesday's release of iOS 13.4 fixes a key feature

Apple iPhone users hope that Tuesday's release of iOS 13.4 fixes a key feature
So let's say that you're working from home on the Anderson account and you need to crunch some numbers for your boss immediately. Your job is on the line and you have a big issue-the Wi-Fi is down and there are no Wi-Fi hotspots near you. What can you do? You can use the Personal Hotspot feature on your phone that will allow you to share the cellular data used by your handset to run your computer. Whether you'll have to pay extra for this "tethering" depends on your carrier and the plan you subscribe to; if you're unsure, check with your wireless provider.

"Cupertino, we have a problem"

According to MacRumors, when it comes to the Personal Hotspot feature on iOS devices, "Cupertino, we have a problem." An internal note sent by Apple to the company's Authorized Service Providers reveals that there is an issue with the Personal Hotspot feature on devices running iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. The note says that these authorized repair centers should expect to be called on by iPhone and iPad users who are unable to connect to a Personal Hotspot or are constantly disconnected when they do connect to one. In addition, Apple warns these shops that customers might complain about issues with data performance.

Some iPhone and iOS users have been complaining about these problems on Apple's discussion pages and several note that they never had any problems until iOS 13.1.2 was disseminated by Apple. One iPhone 8 user posted that he has to toggle the Personal Hotspot button several times before he can connect to it. As he points out though, after 20 minutes the connection is dropped forcing him to start the toggling all over again to get a connection. His wife's iPhone XS Max won't show up 90% of the time, and when she is able to connect to it, the connection drops in minutes.

Apple is advising its authorized service providers to suggest that users with this problem toggle the Personal Hotspot feature off and then back on. The company also notes that this is not a hardware issue which means that a software fix might be on the way. It isn't clear whether such a fix is included with the iOS 13.4 or iPadOS 13.4 updates scheduled to be released this upcoming Tuesday, March 24th. The Gold Master (GM) version of iOS 13.4 was released to developers last week and there is no indication that a fix is or isn't included.

Some of the features coming with iOS 13.4 include a new toolbar for the Mail app that will include Send to Trash, Move Message, Flag, and Reply. The latter includes various reply options including reply, reply all, forward, and archive. The new version of iOS will also allow iPhone users to unlock an NFC enabled vehicle with their phone. It also includes an internet recovery feature allowing iPhone users to recover the operating system without the use of a PC or Mac. Unified purchasing will allow an iOS or Mac user to purchase an app on one of the platforms and have it unlocked on the other. Also, nine new Memoji stickers will be made available for use.

Apple iPad owners are getting some nice goodies with iPadOS 13.4. This update adds trackpad and mouse support and also adds support for the Magic Keyboard Case accessory just announced this past week along with the new iPad Pro models. The Magic Keyboard Case connects to the iPad Pro through the use of magnets. It includes a trackpad and works with both the 2020 and 2018 iPad Pro models. The accessory will be released in May priced at $299 for 11-inch iPad Pro units and $349 for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro models.
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