Huawei P40 Pro render surfaces; rumor suggests a huge change is coming to the battery

Huawei P40 Pro render surfaces; rumor suggests a huge change is coming to the battery
Based on rumored specs posted on Twitter, it would appear that Huawei's next flagship phone is going to be a monster. In addition, a render of the P40 Pro has surfaced on GizChina giving us a look at a noticeable camera bump, a curved display, and the volume rocker and power button found along the right side of the device. The buzz around the water cooler suggests that the top-of-the-line P40 Pro will sport a 6.5-inch AMOLED waterfall screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. That is twice the rate that most smartphone screens refresh at and should help deliver improved animation for video games and smoother scrolling.

The  P40 Pro display will reportedly be equipped with a pair of punch-hole selfie cameras (main selfie + ultra-wide) allowing for a screen-to-body ratio in the neighborhood of 98%. As many as five-sensors could be found on the back of the device including a 64MP wide that uses the Sony IMX686 1/1.7 inch sensor with OIS. Also on the back, we might find a 20MP ultra-wide camera, a 12MP telephoto camera using the periscope design, a Macro camera, and a Time of Flight (ToF) sensor. The phone will support 4K video. Powering these units will be the Kirin 990 chipset, the same SoC used for the Mate 30 lineup

Perhaps the most exciting rumor deals with the possibility that Huawei will stuff the P40 Pro with a graphene battery

Perhaps the most exciting rumor about the Huawei P40 Pro has to do with the handset's battery. The speculation is that the manufacturer will use a graphene battery to power the device increasing the capacity of the part and offering faster charging times. For example, the graphene battery rumored to be inside the P40 Pro is believed to feature a 5500mAh capacity but has only 70% of the volume found on the lithium batteries currently in use. With the company's new 50W charger, the battery will take only 45 minutes to fully charge from 0% to 100%.

Normally Huawei releases the P series line in late March. However, the rumor mill says that the company is looking at the possibility of releasing the P 40 line earlier next year. And assuming that the manufacturer remains on the U.S. Commerce Department's entity list and unable to access its U.S. supply chain, the P 40 family will not be licensed by Google to use the Google Play services of Android. That means that Google's core Android apps like Search, Maps, the Play Store, Gmail and more will not run on the new models. Of course, this doesn't matter in China where most Google apps are banned anyway, but it will play a part in determining international sales. With the Mate 30 series, Huawei used an open-source version of Android and its own AppGallery app storefront. Still, a report back in November suggested that a global version of the P40 line will be released shortly after the phones have their domestic launch.

Despite the U.S. supply chain ban, Huawei managed to ship 66.8 million units worldwide during the third quarter. That was good enough for a second-place ranking behind only Samsung, but ahead of Apple. More importantly, the figure represented a 28.5% year-over-year gain in shipments during the period. Huawei captured 18% of the global smartphone market during Q3, up from the 14% share it owned during the same time last year. One of the reasons why Huawei has thrived this year is due to a rise in patriotism among Chinese consumers who see the company as a victim of American bullying tactics. During the third quarter, Huawei's domestic shipments soared an incredible 66% on an annual basis giving the firm a 42.4% market share in its own country.



1. miag5

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3. androiduser

Posts: 556; Member since: Jun 18, 2014

That'd be f**king amazing, but I doubt it. Tbh I don't like Huawei phones, my mom has a p30 and I don't like it, I so prefer the S10 over it, I think it's a much better overall phone, but personally my favorite Android phone is the pixel 4.

23. Shubham412302

Posts: 594; Member since: Nov 09, 2011

Just you mentioning Pixel 4 s**t is a good phone means you are just a fanboy

46. androiduser

Posts: 556; Member since: Jun 18, 2014

No it does not, that's not how it works, first of all I didn't say it is the best I just said it's my favorite and that's for a good reason, I prefer Android and pixel 4 offers best Android experience, its a great overall phone and the only thing lacking is an excellent battery life. I think best overall phone series this is no doubt the iphone 11 series, but I don't like iOS so, I also like the S10 and note 10 series.

47. androiduser

Posts: 556; Member since: Jun 18, 2014

Also I don't like the p30 because it's very tall and narrow, kinda bulky, has worse screen than s10 has worse ui and is an overall worse phone, sure the camera has some nice features but I still overall easily prefer the s10.

2. Whitedot

Posts: 894; Member since: Sep 26, 2017

I am so glad new battery technologies finally coming!

4. maherk

Posts: 7062; Member since: Feb 10, 2012

I hope they go back to RGB sensors.

27. QuantumRazer

Posts: 216; Member since: Apr 27, 2019

A RGBW sensor makes more sense in this case, though. Theoretically it can capture as much light as RYYB does, but the colors should be more accurate thanks to the presence of the green pixels that can be used as a reference to calculate the amount of green light from the white pixels.

6. tbreezy

Posts: 244; Member since: Aug 11, 2019

This is fantastic! Hopefully the Trade War crap blows over, Huawei are forever pushing the envelope in this space. P30 Pro is already a battery beast

8. meanestgenius

Posts: 22807; Member since: May 28, 2014

Awesome! Huawei is one of the top most innovative smartphone companies out today, and if they are working on making the ever-so-important battery life of their smartphones better, I’m all for it. Battery life is perhaps the most important aspect of a smartphone.

10. tbreezy

Posts: 244; Member since: Aug 11, 2019

Absolutely agreed!

9. S4NDY

Posts: 273; Member since: Mar 14, 2016

Omg you too believe that

12. morgeus09

Posts: 108; Member since: Aug 19, 2018

This render is fake, the one who follow this leak said that

13. S4NDY

Posts: 273; Member since: Mar 14, 2016

I guess it was me, btw i also said that.

20. lyndon420

Posts: 6916; Member since: Jul 11, 2012

This will be to phone to watch next year unless Samsung (or someone else) brings a graphene battery to market.

26. QuantumRazer

Posts: 216; Member since: Apr 27, 2019

Huawei has been using the custom Sony sensors since P20 Pro, so no, it won't come with IMX686 which is just a Sony's version of Samsung's GW1 sensor and already used in other phones like Redmi K30. On top of that, you're reporting that it will come with 20MP ultra wide angle shooter? Huawei already moved onto their own 40MP sensor with Mate 30 Pro, why on earth do you reckon they will go back to the old one? Graphene battery also sounds too good to be true, I won't believe this leak as a whole.

35. lyndon420

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Wow! Alan...we have 34 comments on your article. And only 14 remain.... What are your thoughts on free speech???!

36. ivan.k

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There are "Terms of use", which you should have read when registering!

38. lyndon420

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I registered on July 2012.... I'm guessing much has changed in 7 years??.... I get you've been here for 2 years....

39. ivan.k

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The moderated comments are xenophobic/ trolling/ starting flame wars etc. When one comment is moderated all other "sub comments" are being hidden as well. That doesn't make the "sub comments" bad, just how the comment system works.

41. lyndon420

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Yes. I get how it works. I'm not new here lol. I lean right, so I'm more open / tolerant, and expect to be moderated because of this.

42. lyndon420

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Can you recommend a less biased site, where there aren't trigger happy moderator's? People who honor free speech? I get Alan makes his money somehow through click-blacks or something similar - I wish I knew how it all works...he's mad at me again.

43. ivan.k

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You are free to go wherever you want. But if you think that your "funny" comments will be tolerated somewhere else...good luck!

44. ivan.k

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And if you have something to say to Alan you can do it personally via email, and not spam in the articles.

40. lyndon420

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My it's five years

48. singertat

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It looks like I'll be getting a midrange phone and a digital dslr camera next year.. Curved screen is out of date!

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