The awesome budget-friendly Honor Pad 8 entertainment tablet is now 34% more affordable on Amazon UK

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The awesome budget-friendly Honor Pad 8 entertainment tablet is now 34% more affordable at Amazon UK
It appears that today is the day for those in the market for a new budget-friendly tablet located in the UK to score a nice deal on a new device. Amazon UK currently has an awesome sale on the budget-friendly Honor Pad 8, offering this pretty decent tablet with a sweet 34% discount. Such a discount means you can now grab an Honor Pad 8 for £91 off its price if you pull the trigger on this deal.

Honor Pad 8: Save £91!

The Honor Pad 8 can be yours for £91 off its price if you take advantage of this deal. The tablet comes with a 12-inch 2K display and 8 speakers, making it perfect for binge-watching Netflix on a budget.

Since we are talking about a budget-friendly device here, the Honor Pad 8 doesn't come with an insane amount of firepower like Samsung's latest Galaxy Tab S9 tablets, for example. However, the modest Snapdragon 680 chipset on board should be able to deal with day-to-day tasks like browsing the web and streaming videos without any issues. The storage capacity is 128GB, and it's not expandable through a memory card, so you will need to use cloud storage if you deplete the built-in free space.

A key selling point of the Honor Pad 8 is its display and speakers. It packs 8 speakers and a big 12-inch LCD screen with 1200 x 2000 resolution. With these specs, the tablet is perfect for binge-watching your favorite TV series and movies on a budget. So, it may not be a mobile powerhouse, but it could easily become your new entertainment device. Also, the tablet runs on Android, which means it supports all Google services.

Battery life is also pretty impressive here. The tablet sports a 7250mAh power cell, which can easily get you through the day without the need for a top-up. And if you use your new tablet mainly for watching movies, the battery delivers up to 10 hours of streaming videos on a single charge.

The truth is that the Honor Pad 8 is one awesome budget-friendly device that can now be yours at an even lower price. However, Amazon UK's offer won't be available forever, so we suggest you grab an Honor Pad 8 at a discounted price now while the offer is still available.

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