Beta version of HomePod Software 15.0 causes the device to overheat, fries the logic board, and more

Beta version of HomePod Software 15.0 causes the device to overheat, fries the logic board, and more
Those beta testing the upcoming HomePod Software 15.0 update are running into some serious problems. According to several owners of Apple's smart speaker who wrote about their experience with the beta update on Reddit, a bug is causing the device to overheat and suffer hardware failures. One Reddit user recommends that HomePod users refrain from installing the beta after some users complained that the software caused the logic board on the Apple device to fry.

Besides the overheating, this user said that his HomePod won't pause music like it should when touching the top of the device. Instead, pressing the top of the HomePod merely allows the device to skip past the current song. If your HomePod is running hot and you happen to be beta testing HomePod Software 15, the wise and safe move would be to unplug it. We should also point out that to join the beta testers for the HomePod and HomePod mini, you need to receive an invitation.

Those not invited to join the beta testing can still do so by finding a device profile leaked online via third-party websites. Speaking of beta testing, what has happened to HomePod users here is exactly the reason why most people should not install beta software on their smartphones or tablets. Since betas are considered to be unstable with plenty of bugs possibly lurking in the background ready to cause havoc.

To make matters worse, under Apple's terms and conditions, the company is not responsible for any damages caused by a beta version of the operating system. If the logic board on your HomePod ends up looking like the volcano on the hibachi cooking table at Benihana, you literally have no recourse.

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