MWC surprises: here's a smart ring you can actually buy

MWC surprises: here's a smart ring you can actually buy
Samsung has been taking its time teasing us with the upcoming Galaxy Ring. We even got to see it at MWC 2024!... behind a glass panel that is. And while we still don't have an exact idea of the full features of the Samsung Galaxy Ring, we stumbled upon a different smart ring, which happens to also be available as a product.

It's the HiFuture Ring — a thick, shiny band, which has multiple sensors for health and fitness trackers. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to come in different sizes, and the one we tested was narrow for most male hands.

What does it do? When it's idle, it will do heart rate checks and calorie burn counts, like any fitness band we have. There's a blood oxygen sensor, which is an impressive addition, and its top surface can act as a controller. Swipe around short videos, skip music tracks, presentation slides, or flip pages in an ebook reader. It can also work as a remote shutter for a paired phone's camera — all pretty convenient stuff.

What's surprising is that HiFuture promises it can last up to 7 days on a single charge — that's less than Samsung's promise of 9 days for the upcoming Galaxy Ring, but nonetheless a respectable achievement. Maybe because it doesn't have a display, but there's still a plethora of sensors in there plus constant connectivity to the phone, so that's not a small feat.

The HiFuture Ring costs $199 from the official website, though we'd at least like to see them add more sizes before recommending anyone go and buy it for anything else other than curiosity and hunger for tech.

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