My precious! Galaxy Ring looks insanely hot from up close, is going to track your sleep

My precious! Galaxy Ring looks insanely hot from up close, is going to track your sleep
I wish I can give you the full rundown on the Galaxy Ring, but the truth is I can't. Samsung continues to be incredibly tight-lipped regarding its health-focused smart ring, so we still know next to nothing about it.

However, the Galaxy Ring did move one small step towards being a real product here at the Mobile World Congress, where it's available on display behind glass windows. A number of previously unknown facts were indeed shared by Samsung representatives, which enables us to at least start paining the full picture. But hopefully, we'd have way more details to share with you soon!

First things first, so far there seem to be three different Galaxy Ring colors in development: silver, gold and black. They all look fantastic – the Galaxy Ring has an incredibly clean and polished aesthetic that is timeless and easy to blend with any outfit. An interesting fact is that the Ring is slightly concave, in order to be protected from scratches. Such a design decision strikes us as very intelligent, because the product's surface is highly-polished, and such finishes tend to accumulate micro scratches quite easily. We can't be certain yet if that kind of design will appeal to consumers, though. It's smart and functional, but it's a slight departure from tradition.

The Galaxy Ring will be able to connect to other Galaxy ecosystem devices when that makes sense, such as your phone or smart watch: the former to get data from the ring, and the latter because some watch features will be enhanced by the presence of the additional sensors in the ring.

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Samsung has stated that the Galaxy Ring's prime focus is sleep tracking, similar to some of the other smart rings out there, such as Oura. So, the Ring is poised to become Samsung's most accurate smart device so far when it comes to measuring common sleep quality metrics, as well as detecting certain sleep-related disorders. Billing the Galaxy Ring as the ultimate sleep tracking device makes sense, because a ring tends to be way more convenient and unobtrusive when sleeping, compared to a watch. Whether it'll have all the functionality of a smartwatch, though, remains to be seen.

9 different ring sizes will be offered in an attempt to maximize compatibility with as many potential buyers as possible. It's currently unknown what the sizing process will be like. Oura, for example, tends to send out a 'sizing kit' to let a user find their correct size first, and only then it sends the actual ring.

Currently, the Galaxy Ring is scheduled for release sometime during the second half of 2024. Unfortunately, we don't have more specific details on the eventual release date, because Samsung is still hard at work on the product itself.

How do you feel about the Galaxy Ring? Would you prefer this form-factor for a more minimalist sleep tracking experience? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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