HERE WeGo! Watch Verizon's 5G phones make your car self-driving and locate you for Uber

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If you ever found yourself wanting more than Google Maps' measly offline navigation area downloads. you've no doubt stumbled upon the HERE WeGo app that sprung from Nokia's fateful attempt to pour a lot of money into street-mapping and 3D-rendered buildings before Google Maps was cool.

The app lets you download very detailed maps of entire countries or regions within them (POI and everything) and then navigate without an Internet connection, just with your GPS chip turned on. Best of all, its consumer-facing technology is free.

It may not be free for Verizon, though, but the carrier obviously saw the potential, and is teaming up with HERE Technologies on detailed navigation that will be made possible by its budding 5G network for mobile, automotive, fleet management and other purposes.

The potential of this multiyear partnership was already demonstrated at CES 2020 by a vehicle-mounted handset that can make your car behave like a self-driving one, i.e. detect pedestrians, other cars, and obstacles on the road. 

This vehicle-to-network system is made possible by leveraging Verizon’s 5G-lined streets and pairing the fast communication grid with HERE Tech’s Live Sense SDK via said phone in the car, as you can see in the proof-of-concept video above. In addition:

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