Google to remove YouTube and YouTube TV apps from Roku by the end of 2021

Google to remove YouTube and YouTube TV apps from Roku by the end of 2021
After several months of back and forth, it looks like Google and Roku haven’t reached an accord regarding the distribution deal for YouTube’s main app. To put pressure on the search giant, Roku removed the YouTube TV app from its channel store, and while existing customers could continue to use the service, new customers are unable to download it.

Unfortunately, the distribution deal for YouTube app will expire on December 9, and if things don’t improve, the app will be removed from Roku’s channel store just like the YouTube TV app.

In a blog post published last week, Roku specifically said that its concerns with Google “are not about money.” The company claims it did not ask for any changes in regards with the financial terms of its existing agreement. However, Google wants Roku to prioritize YouTube over other content providers when it comes to search results.

On top of that, the statement mentions that “Google discriminates against Roku by demanding search, voice, and data features that they do not insist on from other streaming platforms.” Shortly after publishing the blog, Roku was notified by Google that unless they reach an agreement on renewal terms prior to the expiration of the current agreement, they will no longer be able to offer YouTube on the Roku platform for new users.

While Roku claims it’s committed to trying to reach a fair agreement with Google, the threat remains that the Mountain View company may remove YouTube TV from the Roku platform once the distribution deal expires on December 9. Roku went on to say that it will continue to try to keep YouTube (and YouTube TV) available for its customers and will share any updates in an effort to remain transparent.
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