Roku removes Google's YouTube TV app from channel store

Roku removes Google's YouTube TV app from channel store
YouTube TV is a subscription streaming service that lets you watch live TV from major broadcast and popular cable networks. It offers live sports, breaking news, and shows. It's practically an alternative to cable TV.

Unfortunately, the YouTube TV app is not going to be available for future Roku users because it's being remove from the Roku channel store. You can still use the app if you already have it.

The reason for the YouTube TV app removal is that Roku and Google didn't manage to reach a new contractual agreement. Bear in mind that this doesn't affect the "regular" YouTube app - that one is untouched.


Rumors about the removal of the YouTube TV app from Roku devices surfaced a few days ago. Roku asked for the help of its subscribers in an effort to turn Google's plans around. The attempt was unsuccessful.

In a statement issued at the beginning of the week, Roku accused Google of anticompetitive practices. They claimed that Google tried to manipulate the platform’s user experience in favor of Google's own software and hardware products.

Roku accused Google of search-result manipulation, requesting access to extra user data, and pushing new hardware requirements that'd make Roku devices more costly. Google dubbed Roku's accusations as "baseless." However, it's no secret to anyone that Google makes a direct competitor to Roku's offering — the Chromecast.

Such business wars can only hurt the end customer, resulting in a lack of services or an increase in prices. We've seen something similar happen on the music streaming front - with Apple and Spotify. The black & green music streaming platform accused Apple of anticompetitive practices, something the EU recently agreed with.

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