Google Wallet gets new improvements but still no Amex for Fitbit

Google Wallet gets new improvements but still no Amex for Fitbit
Google recently announced the expansion of Google Wallet's features, offering greater convenience and functionality. However, there was one key addition that was initially included in the changelog but later pulled: support for American Express cards on Fitbit devices.

As reported by Android Authority, as part of Google Play Services v24.16, Google rolled out a few improvements to Google Wallet. One of these is the ability to receive notifications directly within the app, keeping you updated on the status of your various passes — flight boarding passes, event tickets, loyalty cards, etc. 

While not explicitly mentioned in the official update, Google Wallet now also allows you to customize your security settings when using credit or debit cards for public transportation. You can choose whether you'd like to authenticate payments each time or not, adding an extra layer of protection for your transactions.

Additionally, Google Wallet can now scan QR codes and barcodes, allowing you to easily add them as passes on your phone. This streamlines the process of adding things like digital coupons or membership cards.

All the aforementioned updates are now rolling out to all users, however, there was one new feature listed in the original changelog for the app that was later recanted. American Express support was previously available on older Fitbit devices with Fitbit Pay, but the functionality was absent when Fitbit transitioned to Google Wallet. Unfortunately, this long-awaited support is still missing.

Not only is it missing, but it made a brief appearance on the changelog, with Google later submitting a statement confirming that it will not be part of this update. It is not clear whether that particular feature made it on the list as a mistake or if it was added then later pulled due to an issue. Here's Google's statement as submitted to Android Authority:

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As you can see, there isn't much to go on as to what transpired, so we will just have to wait and see if it's planned for a future update. For now, we will just enjoy the features that did roll out, which are sure to make payments and pass management an even smoother experience.

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