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Deal alert: Google Pixel for $350 (new!)

Deal alert: Google Pixel for $350 (new!)

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The original Google Pixel was a surprisingly solid phone. Not only did it deliver a very solid and lightning-fast Android experience — something we were already used to seeing on Nexus devices — but it also had a very, very impressive camera. It still holds until today. Sure, the Pixel 2 came around and has a slightly better camera and newer hardware, but the original Pixel is still nothing to snark at.

So, it's always cool when you find a deal that gets you the powerful Pixel at the price of a midranger, which will surely underperform in comparison. Here, we have the Pixel 32 GB for $349.99 and the Pixel 128 GB for $449.99.

To be clear, these are brand-new devices, not refurbished second-hand items. To be fair, currently, you can also get a 32 GB Pixel from Amazon at this price, but there are only 16 left in stock. The link can be found below for your convenience.

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