Google might also be working on an 'oversized' Pixel 3 Lite - Pixel 3 XL Lite, anyone?

Google might also be working on an 'oversized' Pixel 3 Lite - Pixel 3 XL Lite, anyone?
We don't even know if this Pixel 3 Lite is legit, let alone a weird "Pixel 3 XL Lite"

Way before the Pixel 3 leaking madness truly began with those live prototypes circulating around the Russian blogosphere, one man claimed to know how this year’s “pure Google” phones would look, relying on sources inside manufacturing plants for renders that unsurprisingly proved almost 100 percent accurate.

Now Steve Hemmerstoffer, aka Steve H., aka self-proclaimed “tech leaks SupaStar” @OnLeaks, is back with word of an as-yet-unreleased Pixel variant. A different Pixel variant from the curious mid-range Pixel 3 Lite that’s been making the rumor rounds recently, believe it or not.

This doesn’t have a name or an estimated release date yet, being confusingly described as an “oversized Pixel 3 Lite.” Wait, is Google ready to admit the notch was a bad idea? That sounds highly unlikely, but according to this “unconfirmed source”, we’re looking at a device with “almost the same size” as the Pixel 3 XL.

While it’s unclear how far this thing’s similarity with the Pixel 3 Lite might go, we can’t help but dream of a “Pixel 3 XL Lite” with mid-range specifications, a fittingly reasonable price, symmetrical screen bezels, and a headphone jack.

Would something like that immediately propel Google among the world’s top ten smartphone vendors? Probably not, but it certainly sounds like a better idea than the overpriced Pixel 3 XL with that oversized notch. 

Unfortunately, there’s something about this story that screams canceled prototype or even the figment of a hardcore Google fan’s imagination. But maybe we're just being paranoid.

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